We had to sail past theeeese!

I had been gutted that twice we had to sail on by, because of weather windows, and so now I was going to make up for it!

Madagascar we’d sailed past as we had a good opportunity to make the run to Richards Bay, and, Lesotho we hadn’t had time to visit when we were in Durban because we got a great weather window to get us round to the Cape. I had to rectify that!

Lemurs and chameleons was what it was all about for me in Madagascar, but I got a few other surprises too. I’m just going to post a few pics rather than give the whole story!

Click to see my favourite videos:

Dancing lemurs and Fighting Three Eyed Lizards

And a few pics to the side and below - yes of course I took hundreds - I simply couldn’t help myself!

As for the wonderful names: Ring tailed lemur, Brown collar lemur, bamboo lemur, grey-brown mouse lemur, white footed sportiv lemur, flatid leaf bug (the red ones with the white babies), three eyed lizard, hissing cockroach (yes they hiss)………..

As for Lesotho - the minute you cross the border you feel a totally different vibe in the air. And its stunning! Apart from that, I’ve never been on a donkey pub crawl before - I won’t mention who fell off their donkey - but it wasn’t me!! (Clue — I went with fellow crew Kath; say no more!) I would also add that I made an excellent and very popular barmaid!