The good, the bad, and the ugly... of sailing

By popular demand……

Apparently I am not allowed to show the good pics and good times without the bad times.

Unfortunately most of the bad times involve weather and its either too dangerous or we are moving at speed to stop something happening so cant video as well, or, its me lying feeling like death in rough seas and not taking film!!

But just to make it a bit real - here we go:

The good….

You don’t know what day of the week it is.

You get unforgettably beautiful days (and nights) with perfect wind and easy sailing.

You go to awesome places - often unreachable by plane.

You see stunning sea wildlife.

You meet really awesome people!

You can have a lot of fun too.

The bad….

There is never-ending work - its not all champagne and sunsets (not even much of it)!

Weeks at sea - I think you’ve got to be a born and bred sailor to love them!

Yes - it can be dangerous and it can be scary.

Night shifts - waking up at 1 or 2 am with little sleep - are no fun at all.

Night shifts - some nights are really dark.

I get sick - ohhh so sick (until I got to Capetown and my new pills - now I just get a bit sick!)

The ugly….

My hair! Always fun (not)!

You don’t care what you look like at sea - so you look like the proverbial in most pics!!

You lose your cardio fitness - pulling ropes and all that doesn’t give you the workout a walk uphill or swim does!

Things break and things go wrong - no matter what. You have to live with it.