Boat hauled out

Influencer on the hard in Grenada

Influencer on the hard in Grenada

We had a final few days in Le Marin back at Martinique, with a little side trip to Sainte-Anne between cleaning jobs, before I left to catch a plane, and Matt left with his friends and family crew back down to Grenada.

The boat is on the hard and ready for all those jobs that need doing. An important one being a good scrub and anti-fouling, particularly important as we go via the Galapagos next year and they are incredibly fussy - one barnacle in a through-hull fitting and you’re out!

Matt has business in Australia and wont be back until September, so I guess its October before she’s in the water again. I’m not sure if I’ll cope!!

From the top!

From the top!

Up the Eastern Caribbean

Flying Fish Sandwich

Flying Fish Sandwich

After a wonderful break in Barbados, where I became a land-lubber once again, I headed back to join Matt in taking the boat to St Lucia where the World Arc finishes their journey. Although not the end for us, we wanted to celebrate with our friends the achievement they had made in completing their circumnavigation.

I’m not going to write about Barbados here (see my other blog) except to say that after all these months, and about 15000 Nautical miles, of seeing flying fish most days, and sadly having many lose their lives on our deck, I finally took the plunge and ate one. In Barbados they are a local staple and so now was the time!

We headed north a little after the others had left, stopping in at the delightful Sandy Island for a few nights, where the boat was surrounded by big fish, middle sized fish, small fish, tiny fish, oh and, starfish! It was so nice to be at anchor and swimming from the back of the boat again.

We dined over sunset on Aurora Polaris and it was great to catch up with our friends before they headed north. The next night, after plenty of snorkelling and swimming, and a few boat jobs and sewing repairs, we once again ate out. This time on board Timshel, some of our favourite people - a rugged couple from Scotland!

Next morning we headed on to check out of Grenada in Carriacou, and then check in to St Vincent and the Grenadines on Union Island. All done in a day, we anchored at Chatham Bay for more swimming and turtle spotting and the first of those famed Caribbean BBQ’s on the beach.

We then headed to the Tobago Cays - the stuff the area is famous for, where we met up with a few of our friends again. It’s quite different doing this day sailing between islands and no overnight sailing and watches. Its something I could get used to! Unfortunately it was pretty windy most of the time in Tobago Cays, but it didn’t stop us enjoying the ubiquitous turtles, walking to the tops of each of the islands around us to gaze at the incredible ‘blues,’ chasing iguanas, and snorkelling the reef.

And Five go to Grenada

Leaving early from the Salvation Islands, we set a course to avoid oil fields and Trinidad and possible pirates. Dolphins were a plenty on the rest of the way to Grenada and after two days the sea colour had returned to blue as we were now well away from the Amazon. We made good progress despite a strong side current, and all is well as we sail close to Grenada on sunset, arriving in port under a beautiful full moon. We are parked up in Port Louis Marina, again with the rest of the WARC fleet. It’s expensive but very pleasant!

And, we are now in the Caribbean!! We have crossed the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. We are half-way round the world!

We’ve plenty of cleaning and sorting out of the boat to do as Matt and the boys are taking Josh from Mad Monkey and Matt from Cayuse with them for a few days ‘boy’s sailing trip’ around the island. Me - no definitely not. Auntie Syd is heading for some peace and quiet in Barbados!

We have many boat jobs we have been waiting to get here for. The Raymarine agent replaced the radar and reconfigured the thermal camera, and we have to note that Raymarine have been excellent in terms of service and warranties; the engine serviced also in quick time, and we are making arrangements for the boat to be hauled out later in May at nearby Clarkes Court. We haven’t managed to do much in Grenada yet, other than swim at Grande Anse beach which is one of those idyllic white beaches that Caribbean dreams are made of.

However, this afternoon Dan and Agnes (Smoke and Roses) came and took us in their envy-making large tender over to snorkel at the world’s first underwater statue garden. This was a heap of fun. Lucky there was someone there taking a few scuba divers on a tour so we were able to cheat and find many of the statues by following them. It’s great fun and to be recommended.