Exploring 'The Cape'

Back from Christmas and getting ready to go; but between boat preparations, one thing we wanted to do before we hit the Atlantic was visit ‘the Cape’ and see the ocean we had come though on stormy night. The drive down, the scenery, and walking at the Cape was also dramatically fantastic!

We took the incredibly scenic Chapman's Peak Drive, from Hout Bay to Noordhoek Beach, before continuing on to the Cape of Good Hope. We weren’t prepared for such a stunning drive! It is better than they say it is.

At the National Park we walked all around Cape Point and its lighthouse with magnificent views, then walked from Cape to Cape - from Cape Point to The Cape of Good Hope. It was wonderful to see the treacherous coast that we had passed by in the gale coming up. We could see the reefs and solitary rocks that would sink a boat (have sunk many boats), and could imagine the meeting of the two mighty oceans that we had passed in gale conditions. Aside from this, the scenery was stunning and the baboons made it very interesting!

Cape to Cape pics below. Five days to departure!!