Magical Mauritius

We had eight days in Mauritius and spent most of them exploring.

After exploring the colourful capital - Port Louis (above) I hiked as far as my feet would take me - maybe not just because I loved hiking, but because I was so happy to be alive! I hiked the spectacular walk to the top of Le Pouce (The Thumb) spotting monkeys en route; dragged the crew to hike the Seven Cascades, which was of course great for swimming, and getting a fish pedicure au naturel; also dragged them to the Black River Gorge which was great for views and some more monkey spotting; climbed the much photographed and stunning Le Morne at the south of the island; and scrambled up Piton Canot in the superb Ebony Forest Reserve with Jenny in tow (reality check: Jenny with me in tow)!

Not only did we hike, we hunted for the extinct dodo bird - just in case, sampled the most wonderful foods so far, learned about, and tasted, rum and sugar at the factories, toured and swam the beaches of the island, visited temples and received a blessing, and between this and boat repairs and servicing!

A special note to the 300 year old botanic Gardens, with its famous pond of giant lilies - at 90 years old and still blooming beautifully, it is worth a visit even if, like me, you’re not normally a botanic gardens type.

We just loved the rich Mauritian culture and friendly people from multiple religions living in peace and harmony. Testament to this, the day before we set sail to Reunion, a local Iman, Buddhist, Hindi, and Catholic Priest are coming to the marina to bless the boats and our journey in a combined ceremony, complete with chinese dragon dancing and, I’m sure, of course - more delicious food!

Now for the pics…..

A watery day at the Seven Cascades…. including a fishy foot pedicure au naturel!

The Thumb (La Pouce) and Petit Canot with Jenny (who does it better?)

Temples and blessings

Black River Gorges and scenic views from Le Morne

The beaches and water….

Botanic gardens and the lilies, rum factory displays and tastings!