A Land lubber again!

It was weird to fly out of Martinique instead of sailing out even weirder to know the boat was sailing south without me and it would be a while before I saw it again. But……I managed to have a good old time catching up on some hiking for my legs and cardio - something sadly lacking when I’m on the boat and at sea.

I flew to the little hub of St Martin / Sant Maarten, ferried to St Barts, and then beautiful Antigua, and hen the jewel in the crown for me is Saba. I thought Barbuda would be unbeatable in this part of the world, but no - Saba finally got my heart of them all! This is most likely as it was so reminiscent of St Helena and Ascension - like a cross between the two!

Given I wasn’t sailing, I’m not writing much here - that will go in the other blog, but a summary below (and I’ll try not to be too biased toward Saba (not really)! Scroll on down to see the lot.

Saba (pronounced SayBa) is an absolute gem. A terrible place for mooring unless you get the weather and the sea state right though! One crazy road, called The Road, from one end to the other. Lizards and anoles everywhere, and some fantastic hiking, and actually some of the best food I’ve had in a long long while. I also got to climb atop the highest peak in The kingdom of the Netherlands - Mt Scenery!
I could go on…and on, but I wont - see the other blog!

Anguilla is famous for its white beaches. To be honest I’m almost white beached out and am not that interested anyway, but yes they were a stunning white. Walking is harder to find but it happens. A highlight for me was coming across a wild tortoise or two and walking to the northernmost tip of the island. Proudly British these people fought against independence and being lumped in with St Kitts and Nevis.

St Barts - the St Tropez of the Caribbean for the rich and famous. I found some excellent walks and there is a beautiful anchorage at Anse a Colombier, plus a lovely coastal walk with fairy terns in abundance from the same beach. But for me, I will never forget the insanely steep streets - couldn’t believe it!!

St Martin / Saant Marteen - a divided island - half French and half Dutch. This island was also badly hit by Hurricane Irma. Interestingly on the French side the devesatation is still very apparent, however on the Dutch side its almost unseen. The Dutch sent people over to clean up, rebuild and get the place back on track. I met some still there after 18 months and they are staying until its complete. Too much traffic but some great coastal walks and swim-able natural pools in the cliffs. Best of all was the iguanas wherever I walked and the amazing fun you can have plane spotting!!

And now for me, the wait until I get back to the boat. I cant wait for the Pacific, although am looking forward to seeing more of the Caribbean and if I can find a place I like as much as Saba or Barbuda!!