Planning and Logistics - Our Route

Matt checking out the new (pink) spinnaker!!

Matt checking out the new (pink) spinnaker!!

Planning and preparation continue, including trying out the new pink (who chose that absolutely fabulous colour??) spinnaker, after our trial run to Lord Howe. A big part of the planning is the logistics - where we will be when, and the consequent booking of marinas and the like - particularly over the Christmas period in Cape Town.

Plotting the route

Plotting the route

Matt had booked us to join the World Arc rally from Darwin and so we have to plan to be in Darwin to depart with them in September. I make bookings with glee - by now I was pretty confident at being on the boat when it left Sydney and when it left Darwin. (Big happy face here.)

The plan is to sail up the east coast of Australia, across the Indian Ocean to South Africa, then the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and across the Pacific to return back to Sydney. You can see all the details below:

A more detailed route:


Sydney - Lady Musgrave Island - Cairns - Lizard Island - Thursday Island - Darwin…

Indian Ocean:

…Lombok - Christmas Island - Cocos Keeling Islands - Mauritius - Reunion - Richards Bay South Africa - Cape Town South Africa…

Atlantic Ocean:

…St Helena - Brazil - French Guiana…. (but there is debate - Namibia, Ascension Island, Fernando de Noronha being options)


…Grenada - St Vincent & the Grenadines - St Lucia - cruise other islands around the Caribbean - Colombia - Panama…


…Las Perlas Islands - Galapagos Islands - French Polynesia - Niue - Cook Islands - Tonga - Fiji - Vanuatu - New Caledonia - Sydney (again other possibilities exists eg Samoa)