Feeling Fabulous in Fernando!

There’s only one way to get around on Fernando and that’s in a buggy. However, with a pro-circuit surf competition on they were hard to come by! Eventually we found one while Aurora Polaris hired motorbikes, that and a bit of hitching and bussing meant we all managed to explore the island - not just the fabulous Bar de Maio, which we probably spent too much time in anyway!

The absolute highlight beach for me was Praia do Sancho - great walking along the cliff tops seeing the stunning land crabs (related to those in Christmas Island), and then a ladder through a cave down to the beach! It all has to be timed with the tides and there are set times for going down and different set times for getting back up - never the twain shall meet!

Also fabulous and unforgettable were the sunsets - particularly from above Boldro Beach, the walk to Baia dos Porcos (yes - Bay of Pigs) from Conceicao Beach (where the surf pro champs were taking place), walking the headland its tiny church at the north of the island near the anchorage, walking to the Forte São Joaquim do Sueste, and of course getting around in the buggy and hanging out with the guys from the other boats with us. We even had an award ceremony for the Gobows - with all taking away prizes for the likes of best fisherman, best chef, bravest crew, best hairdo, best radio voice and so forth.

All in all it was a great stop to finish off our Atlantic crossing and one we will never forget!