How it all started

To explain how this sailing lark started (sailing around the world that is) - here is Chapter 1 of that book I’m meant to write en route! This is how it began….

The yacht he was talking about - A Dufour 56 Exclusive!

The yacht he was talking about - A Dufour 56 Exclusive!

“Matt meet Syd. Syd, Matt””Hi Syd.””Hi, and what’s that?” (Pointing at a picture on his phone he was showing to someone else.)

“It’s a yacht I’ve bought.”

“Wow!. It looks nice.” (Has as much clue about yachts as has about astrophysics - they both exist and that’s about it.)

“It is. I’m thinking of sailing to New Caledonia on it.”

“Ohh I’ll come.” (Having just met the man this seemed completely appropriate.)

“Well it’s kind of a prelim to sailing round the world.”

“Cooool - I’ll come for sure. Can I?”

“Can you sail?”


“Do you get seasick?

“Not really. “(Blatant lie - I’d get sick looking at a boat.)

“Can you do useful things like cook?”

“I’m a great cook.” (Blatant lie number two - can hardly boil an egg.)

That was the night I met Matt - at a party of the Bold and Beautiful Ocean swim group we both belonged to in Manly, Sydney. We hadn’t crossed paths yet - it’s a big group. I don’t know what made me say all that but it started off something that was to change my life.

Over the next few weeks I saw Matt on and off at swimming and got talking eventually. One thing led to another and soon I had my Project Director hat on trying to whip this guy into shape - well at least into getting on with it and deciding to sail round the world. He told me about this rally he’d thought of joining - the World Arc. He seemed quite set on it so a few days later when he mentioned it again....

“Well have you done anything about it?”

“Not really.” (Meaning no.)

“Well I’ll ring them and see what the deal is.”



I googled and called them. They were in the UK and the time difference was perfect. There was one place left to join the rally from Australia in 2018 . To take it required a deposit which I told her would be with them overnight. Like a sensible soul he didn’t argue and sent the deposit noting that he could always pull out if he sold the boat.

Game on - step 1 complete. A dream and the journey of a lifetime was being born.