Travelling on a Budget

The how to’s of travel on a budget - beds, flights, and eats plus how to survive the expensive countries

Working and Travelling

How to combine work and travel to ‘live the travel dream’

Travel Advice

Going solo? Grey nomads? Travelling with friends? Insurance?All the how to’s

Amazing Animals

Amazing animals around the world and tips on where to find them

Hiking, Walking & Wild Swimming

Hiking, walking and swimming spots around the world

Just For Fun

Literally - just for fun!


Travelling with Kids & Teens

For tips and tricks on travel with your kids and letting your teens go it alone.

Before You Leave

Things to organise before you go. Checklists for travel.

Remote Places

Articles on remote destinations like Ascension Island, Yap, St Helena, and more….

(Starting to Go) Grey Nomads

For the over 50’s (ish)

Medical Tourism

Travel for treatment - from teeth to cancer

Sailing around the World

Follow my journey from a seasick landlubber to sailing around the world (still in progress)

Ideas for Travel?

Want to travel but not sure where, click through for ideas


Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific

Country specific posts based down under and in the Pacific paradise

Europe & the Atlantic Ocean

Country specific posts based in Europe and the wonderful Atlantic

Africa & the Indian Ocean

Country specific posts based in Africa and the mighty Indian Ocean

North America & Caribbean

Country specific posts based in USA, Canada, the Caribbean

Central & South America

Country specific posts based in the rest of the Americas

Asia & the Middle East

Country specific posts based in Asia and Middle East