Segway fun - sometimes its simply just about fun

Sometimes you just have to have a bit of fun and try something new - and its a great way to stimulate you out of a rut too!

Drumroll - segways!!

I had my eye on these for a while - now I want to go bush on them! I headed to Segway Central Coast today with daughter no. 3 for an hours amusement and a bit of a change from our normal walking, swimming, (me) dancing, hanging out with teen friends, (her) routines! It was the first time for both of us. After arriving at the location - Mount Penang Parklands in Kariong  - and some great instructions from Ron (check the pics) we were off and away.....


Well to be honest - daughter was off and away while I lumbered around getting the hang of this 'hip driving' thing!! Yes - you drive with your hips - hips forward to go forward and hips back to reverse (I can't say I was terribly elegant in reverse even by the end of the session either). A light touch to the handles, no gripping or leaning on them, is all that is allowed - its simply swing those hips - so the dancer definitely had the upper hand (well that's my excuse anyway).

 We took an hours session and that was great as it allowed us to go off track through the bush for part of the time, which to me was when it really became more fun and things just started to happen naturally with the hips!

No matter your age or ability I can definitely recommend this for some fun and a good day out getting yourself out of the normal routines!