The (almost infamous) Bucket List!

I love the ‘bucket list!' Yes just about everyone’s got one - I know. Yes it’s been around a long time, and no, it’s nothing new. (It was a great film at the time though!) And like in the film, when used with a specific purpose, your bucket list can be, not just fun to create, but also very revealing.  

If you are asking yourself, or thinking along the lines of:

- Should I go travelling?
- Should I start a new career?
- I’m bored – my life seems tedious.
- Really? Is this all there is to life?
- People keep telling me to find my passion and live   my dream, but I have no idea what my passion or dream is!

....then the bucket list is something you can easily do to make a move on from there (and I think its exciting! When you start thinking like this, it shows that you want something to change - and change is what I am all about!). Even if none of the above applies to you, right now you can have some fun, so take a seat, take a pen and paper (or phone), and take a bit of fun time out to create your bucket list!

Most bucket lists I have seen are simply a destination list, reading something like:

I want to go to Japan and China and Germany and Peru and travel all through Africa and sail around the Pacific islands. Full-stop.

That’s great – don’t get me wrong. But there is so much more!

 For some people travel just is not of interest – they are driven by planet conservation or business or helping others – all sorts of things. Whatever it may be, your bucket list can be broad and wide – even if the focus is on travel it can encompass how you travel, what you do when travelling, and so on.

Back to your bucket list. I’m actually going to start you on the Reverse Bucket List

You might have heard of this as well. If not, the Reverse Bucket List is , surprise surprise, the reverse. What have you already done? Lets get that down first - it helps shake up the brain and and getting you in the right frame of mind.

You might be quite surprised when you start listing it all, and it might take a while. It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are 15 or 55, there is going to be plenty to put on the list:

To get the flow going, I have listed 50 random items:

Eaten snails, had a baby, learnt to ride a bike, built a go-kart, got an A at school, learnt to surf, run 100 metres in a race, spoken in public, had a pet, told a stranger they looked pretty / handsome, been to another country, been to Disneyworld, learnt to skip, learnt another language, had a job, seen an opera, slept under the stars, learnt to drive, dyed my hair pink or (for the guys) grown a beard, raised money for charity, cooked a meal, sent a valentine, climbed a tree, learnt to knit, camped in the woods, learnt to drive, climbed a mountain, eaten frogs legs, taught somebody something, set up a business, sailed away on a holiday, talked to a homeless person, and, brought them breakfast, kissed a stranger, joined a yoga class, learnt to play poker, skied, ridden a horse, watched a courtroom session, snorkelled in the tropics, learnt to identify some stars, played in snow, watched the sunrise after an all-nighter with friends, been to a rock festival, quit your job, been on a road trip, seen a shooting star, learnt how to do something that was really hard for you, run away with the circus!!

You can take any of those things and then just keep adding. 

Once you have spent some time getting that list to at least 100 things (and keep adding over the next few days), then it’s time to start on your bucket list - yes!

If you have done the Reverse Bucket List first, your brain and thinking should be well stirred and ready to go. Just think of anything you have ever thought you might like to do, anything you think it would be good or even great to do – and put it down. It’s not a once off thing either – keep adding over the next few days and weeks and years!

For a bit more of a stimulus - check the pic of a real list. 
I gave each of my daughters a ‘bucket list book’ years ago – we all sat around and wrote down all sorts of things we wanted to do. That was written by my (then) 11 year old.  She likes lists! But shes been slowly crossing them off - and that's the main thing.

Don’t limit yourself – think about what would be the best for you to make happen – what would make you the most happy and satisfied with what you had done with your time. Don’t think how hard it would be, or that it can’t or won’t happen. If you are even thinking that way, check this amazing story out first!  

Once you have a list, start giving them priority – what do you want to do most, what is most important to you or you would like to happen the most. What goes to the top of the list? Is there a pattern? Whether there is a pattern or you have a list of completely random thing, this will give you some clues and help get you moving from where you were before you started this exercise.

Now - You can do a lot with your bucket list - contact me if you want to work through this one on one. But for now, just pick one item and get started with ticking it off!