Over 50 - want to travel?

"I’m over 50 do you think I should go travelling?"

Over 50's - buying Fruit supplies - Phnom penh

Over 50's - buying Fruit supplies - Phnom penh

I get asked quite often, and of course its always going to be a 'yes' from me! 
In reality, only you can decide – but no matter your circumstances if you think you might want to travel for a while, or go and live in another country, you should at least try it. Carry on reading to help you make your mind up. Be warned however, once you start, you might not stop!

I can feel I’m going to come up with a whole lot of clichés in this post – sorry in advance!

First – you can have as many reasons why not to go travelling as you like – but if you really want to go then (cliché 1) where there’s a will there’s a way.

And I’m not telling you you’re making excuses. That’s an all time favorite with motivational coaches, but as I see it, sometimes you just need a bit of help finding a way you can do whatever it is you want to do within the limits of your own circumstances (that’s what I love to do with people and why I am here – and ( cliché 2) when you’re trying to work it out  - two heads are better than one!)

There are countless examples of people travelling and moving overseas who have physical disabilities, mortgages, important positions at work, children in school, hardly any money, a house to leave behind, pets to leave behind, ageing parents they are worried about, no friend or partner to go with...................... Which leads us to cliché 3 – there’s never a right time! But equally - is there ever a wrong time?

I look at it this way. (This is actually a little litmus test you can do for yourself...)

First - Imagine that right now you are 99 and you know you are going to die in the next day or two. Close your eyes – look back at your life and think of everything you have done. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 70 when you do this, it’s the same deal! The question is - what are you so glad you have done and/ or been?

I’m sure there are going to be plenty of things you are glad you did, like

  • Having a child and being a parent

  • Becoming a sports star or climbing a mountain

  • Leading a protest movement

  • Changing someones life for the good

  • Working in a job you loved

  • Having wonderful friends or a partner you have had a ball with

 Now, turn it around - what is missing; what haven’t you done yet that you would really like to do?

Over 50's (and under 20's) - Crossing the Border - Nicaragua to Costa Rica

Over 50's (and under 20's) - Crossing the Border - Nicaragua to Costa Rica

Does living in Italy come up?

Does travelling through Africa come up?

Do you wish you had seen those pink dolphins you have heard about and seen photos of?

Do you want to move from the city and live in the countryside – be that an hour away or a continent away?

Play around with that – if travel, or even just going to one other place or country comes up strongly, then I guess you have your answer – yes you should go and now is always a good time!

Next (another little litmus test),

Pretend that you have just been told you are going blind and have about six months before you will have lost your sight. (This did happen to someone I know at around age 40.) What do you want to see before you go blind – is there anything you simply must see? It may be you just want to see your family’s faces and watch someone you love do something. But if there is anything like this...

  • See the northern and / or southern lights

  • See orcas up close

  • See the Victoria Falls

  • See / go to the Rio carnival

  • See the wildflowers in Jordan

OVer 50's tuk tuk time

OVer 50's tuk tuk time

...then, once again, it’s probably a good time to pack your bags! And if not – remember travelling is not for everyone. It would be a dull old world if we were all the same.

With that to think about, I will leave you, not with another cliché, but with an old proverb from Asia:

“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”

Enjoy the litmus tests (and let me know what you came up with – I would love to hear)!