FISHY FEET aka Fish Pedicure

Yes Fish Pedicures do happen all over Asia and more these days, and yes it is fun and generally quite pleasant to have the fish pedi treatment. Pleasant, that is, after you get over the initial tickling sensations and the laughter of all those with and around you.

A fish pedicure involves a tank of water plus a lot of small fish. The small fish? – these are usually Garra rufa or “doctor fish” because,  theoretically at least, they eat away the dead skin found on your feet leaving you with fresh new tootsies!!

How to do it? Quite simple really

  1. Pay the $

  2. Sit down

  3. Stick feet in water tank

  4. Wait for the fish to come eat

Admittedly it can be considered more pleasurable when a fish pedi happens 'in the wild,' given the distinct advantage of not involving sharing a tank full of water with a lot of other questionable feet!  I have had the luxury of free fish pedicures in at least two places I have lived – in the local river in Montezuma (Costa Rica), and, in what I still call ‘my billabong’ in the Northern Territory – a wonderful croc-free swimming spot just outside Kakadu (Australia). There was nothing better on a steamy day in Montezuma than to sit in or by the river with a friend or a book  and while away the time letting the fish do their thing. The same was the case in my billabong. I would love to just sit in the water at the end of a good day’s work and wait for the fish to come and refresh me and my feet by nibbling away any tired skin they could find!

Fish pedicures are becoming common worldwide today so the novelty is probably wearing thin. However if you haven’t had one, any major tourist spot in Asia is going to have them readily available. I’m not sure that they actually do too much for your feet, but always good to do something new - especially when its this easy! 

Note: for some of the locals however, waiting for mum to have her pedi can be enough to put you to sleep.